International meetings, TTS Congress and FEMTOS Meeting, April 2005


The GRA has close and friendly relations with the Turkish Thoracic Society. We had been participating in the TTS Annual Congresses since 2002. 
In April 2005 in Antalia, during the TTS 8-th Annual Congress, were established Forum of Eurasia and Mediterranean Thoracic Societies (FEMTOS). The aim of the Forum is to develop professional, scientific and social relations among national Thoracic societies of the countries in Eurasia and Mediterranean region;

to maintain cooperation and coordination in the activities of developing lung health and pulmonary medicine in the countries of the region. We are pride to mention that GRA was one of the active supporters of the creation of the Forum. GRA has its representative in General Assembly of the FEMTOS, this will promote further development of our international collaboration.










The Georgian Respiratory Association has awarded WHO United Arab Emirates Health Foundation Prize!
Every year at the World Health Assembly, tribute is paid to individuals and institutions who have accomplished outstanding innovative work in development of health.



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